How to Improve AC Efficiency? | Midea Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling | How to Clean the AC Unit?

Midea Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

How to Improve AC Efficiency?

If the AC is cooling from its upper vent, but the room is still not getting cold, then there is a possibility that the room is probably hot or too big.

Always remember that Air conditioners only cool the room. If the temperature is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the outside surroundings, you need to turn on the Air conditioner for a long time, mainly when only one hose design is used to cool the Air by removing hot Air.

To boost the performance of AC and to keep your room cool, follow the below points.

  • Keep your vent Air hose straight: Set the position of the Air conditioner in such a way that the vent hose is straight and short so the heat gets out quickly.
  • Check if there are any leaks in the Air hose or not: Air travels through the portable Air conditioner vent hose, which carries heat that you are trying to throw out of the room. Sure that none of the air container vent hosen leaks back into the room.
  • Wrap the window: If sunlight is directly coming through the window in your room, it makes your room 10% of the warm air/heat in a room. So make sure to wrap the window in which the Air conditioner is installed—wrap the room with curtains, black plastic shed or reflective film, etc.
  • Check the corner of the windows for leaks: Check whether there is any gap between the frame around the window or not; otherwise, it will decrease the performance of the AC conditioner.
  • Close all the windows and doors of rooms in which AC is installed: If you open the window while AC is on the outside, warm/hot Air enters the room, and your Air conditioner cannot cool the room. It affects the performance of the AC.

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Midea Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

The air conditioner is a device that scorches heat and moisture with the help of AC. When you install an AC or air conditioner in your hall or bedroom, it protects you from warm Air and moisture by cooling your room.

In the air conditioner, they use a condenser coil which is made up of copper, which works more efficiently and they consume significantly less energy. AC cools your room by pulling out warm Air and heat outside the room.

Before coming towards how the Air conditioner fails to cool the room, we will see how it works. Air conditioners use a chemical called refrigerant, and Air conditioners have three different types of mechanical parts. The parts are the evaporator, compressor, and condenser. All are coil; these Air conditioner components work together and convert the gas(refrigerant) to liquid.

The pressure and the temperature of the refrigerant gas rise due to the compressor, and then it passes towards the condenser, where gas is converted into liquid. Refrigerants come back and enter the evaporator coil. The refrigerant liquid evaporates and cools the indoor coil. After this, the fan blows indoor Air into the evaporator coil.

And then, heat in the room is absorbed into the refrigerant. Cool Air flows throughout the room, and the warm air inside is sent to the outside of the room with the help of a compressor.

If your AC is not cooling your room correctly, check your AC’s air filter to see if dust has set or blocked the air filter; if the air filter gets blocked by the dust, the air conditioner’s efficiency starts decreasing. After every week, clean the air filter of the Air conditioner to maintain its efficiency of the air conditioner. Check whether the outdoor unit is covered with any cloth or not or is near any obstacles.

Always keep windows and doors closed while AC is on; it affects the cooling performance of the AC/ Air conditioner. Otherwise, check whether the pipe’s distance between the indoor and outdoor unit is too long. If it is long, then it affects the performance of AC while cooling.

#1. If Your Room Is Not Cooling Properly, Check These Things

  • Check whether all the windows and doors are closed or not because if any of the window or door is opened, it affects the cooling of AC.
  • Set the temperature on the lower setting of the unit.
  • Check the exhaust whether it is blocked or not. If it is blocked, it affects the cooling.
  • Check your AC’s air filter to see if dust has set or blocked the air filter; if the air filter gets blocked by the dust, the efficiency of the air conditioner starts decreasing.

#2. The Remote Is Not Responding.

  • Check whether the batteries are correctly set or not.
  • Check that if any obstacle is not there between remote and receiver.
  • Shift the unit to a 21 to 24 feet operating distance.
  • Or otherwise, shift the team to another location where no obstruction is there between remote and receiver.

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How Can a Consumer Calculate the Electricity That an Air Conditioner Consumes?

Below are some essential points to consider while calculating AC electricity consumption.

  • Enter the value of KW
  • How many hours have you used AC(Enter that value)
  • The total cost per unit


(Kilowatt of AC) x (Number of hours you used AC) x (Number of days you used AC in a month) x (Present Rate of UNIT)

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Midea Portable Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Sometimes portable AC fails to blow cold Air. In such cases, follow the below rules.

  • Check the unit of your AC and whether the unit is set on the ‘Cool’ setting or not.
  • And check whether the AC’s temperature is not more than the Room temperature.
  • AC has two types of setting one is “Cool,” and another one is “Fan.”
  • Listen to the sound which is coming from the compressor of the AC. If any humming noise is coming and you don’t notice that the compressor turns on after a minute, shift the temperature of the AC to lower and try again and again.

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How to Clean the AC Unit?

AC contains too many electronic components in the system. Because of these electronic components in the AC, we do not advise the customer to clean the AC with water.

Always use a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the AC’s plastic panel on the front side of the AC.

Don’t clean the air filter inside the AC unit. Always clean it by removing it from the AC unit and removing the dust on the Air filter.

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How Can We Identify the Model Number of the AC?

The Model number of the AC is placed on the silver nameplate on the side of the unit. The serial number, twenty-two digits long on the white sticker, is printed with a barcode.

Midea AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

  • Check whether the AC mode is on the “COOL” way or not, and check whether the AC temperature is set lower than room temperature.
  • The main problem of Air conditioners not blowing Air is that not enough Air is passing through the air filter.

In a regular Air conditioner, an evaporator coil fan draws Air where the Air becomes cool, then air re-circulates back to the room. If the air filter remains dirty or blocked, the Air stops passing from evaporator coils, it becomes too cold, and there is a possibility that ice can form on them.

And it will restrict the flow of Air, and cool Air can not be circulated into the room. The company placed the Air filter on the backside of the front grill so we can take access from the side. Clean the air filter; otherwise, replace it.

And also, clean the evaporating coil with the help of soap water(soapy water) and a smooth/soft brush. We recommend you/customers replace the AC/Air conditioner Air filter because if any problem again is created with the Air filter, it will affect the performance of the AC.

Fan and Its Motor

If the Air conditioner is not blowing cold Air, there is a problem with the AC fan or its motor. In a regular air conditioner, the main work of the fan is to draw Air to a cold evaporator coil and then pass on Air back to the room.

If the fan is not working or running or running too slow, and the flow of the Air stops towards the evaporator coils, it will become too cold, or ice will form and stop the flow of Air.

The fan and fan motor are installed inside, so it is necessary to remove the cabinet for the motor check. Check whether the fan motor is turntable or not or if the blade gets damaged or not if it gets damaged and needs a replacement.

AC tests are too complicated, so you should test your AC from an AC service person because they are comfortable with such a test.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Midea Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Check if the Air-filter is blocked by dust. If there is a lot of dust on the air filter, then the cooling efficiency of the air-conditioner might decrease. Constantly clean the Air-filter with water to improve the efficiency of the air-conditioner. Check if the outdoor unit is covered or installed near an obstacle.

Midea Portable Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Check if the air filter is dirty. A dirty air filter will impede airflow and cause the evaporator coil to get colder than normal.

Midea Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

The unit may have become unplugged. Check that plug is securely in the wall receptacle. The fuse may have blown. Replace the fuse. The battery in the Remote controller may have been exhausted. Replace the battery.

My Midea Ac Is Not Cooling

  • Thermostat Is Set Incorrectly
  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Condenser Unit Is Blocked
  • Damaged Heat Pump
  • Evaporator Coil Is Frozen
  • Refrigerant Leak
  • Undersized Air Conditioner

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