What Is Sigma Comparator | Construction of Sigma Comparator

Sigma Comparator

What Is Sigma Comparator?

  • The Sigma Comparator Is a Mechanical Comparator Commissioned by an Equipment Manufacturing Company in the USA.
  • They Are Mainly Used to Measure the Surface Roughness by Calculating the Dimensional Difference Between the Measured Surface and the Standard Value of the Surface Material.
  • A Magnification Range of About 300 to 500 Is Achieved During This Comparator.

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Construction of Sigma Comparator

Construction of Sigma Comparator

  • The Plunger Slit Is Mounted on the Diaphragm to Give Frictionless Linear Movement. The Knife-Edge Is Fixed Over It, and a Cross Strip Is on the Face of the Moving Member of the Hinge.
  • Optionally a Moving and Fixed Member at Right Angles to Each Other Consists of Thin, Flexible Strips. in This, There Is a Moving Component That Carries a Lightweight Y-Type Fork Arm.
  • This Phosphor Is Attached to the End of a Thin Ribbon of Bronze, Which Is Rounded into a Small Drum.
  • This Drum Is Placed on the Pointer, Which Is Included with the Pointer.
  • If There Is a Vertical Displacement, It Causes the Pointer to Rotate Through the System.

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Applications of Sigma Comparator

Here, the different applications of the sigma comparator are as follows:

  • Sigma Comparator Is Used in Selective Assembly.
  • It Can Also Be Used in Mass Production.

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Advantages of Sigma Comparator

Here, the different advantages of the sigma comparator are as follows:

  • It is cheaper in price than other comparators.
  • It does not require any external power source to work.
  • It has a bold scale and large pointer, so the measured value can be easily noted.
  • It is small in size & easily portable.
  • It is very easy to operate.

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Disadvantages of Sigma Comparator

Here, the different disadvantages of the sigma comparator are as follows:

  • Developed Friction Is High in It, Which Affects the Accuracy.
  • As with many Mechanical Components, the Possibility of Wear and Tear Is High.
  • This Device Has a High Probability of Parallax Error.
  • Sigma Comparator Also Develops Vibration.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Sigma Comparator?

Sigma comparator is a mechanical comparator introduced by a USA instruments manufacturing company. They are mainly used to measure the roughness of the surface by calculating the dimensional difference between the measured value and the standard value of the surface material.

Sigma Comparator

A Sigma Comparator is a device or instrument used to measure the size of the object and is also used to compare the measurements of the object.

Sigma Electronic Comparator

Comparators are classified into various types such as electronic, electrical, mechanical, optical, sigma, digital and pneumatic comparators, which are used in various applications.

Sigma Mechanical Comparator

A mechanical indicator the instrument used to measure the linear displacement of the spindle with the aid of the reed mechanism is known as a mechanical indicator of the reed type.

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