What Is Meant by Refrigerated Shipping? | How to Choose a Refrigerated LTL Company? | Top Companies of Refrigerated Carriers

What Is Meant by Refrigerated Shipping

What Is Meant by Refrigerated Shipping?

By using refrigerated shipping, you can transport any shipment with a specially designed truck to control the inner temperature. This truck is a big-size refrigerator. These Refrigerated trucks are built to cool the shipments at the set temperature while transporting from one place to another.

Generally, most of the trucks are used to transport perishable products from one place to another. Perishable products like fruits, vegetables, meat, and other pharmaceutical products need cold temperatures to stay fresh.

For these reasons, in such trucks, refrigerators are installed, which cool and maintain the quality of the product while transporting it into the long route.

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What Do You Mean by LTL Shipping?

In the logistic industries, one of the most difficult or complex transportation is refrigerated less than the truckload, which is complex because of its limitations.

But most of the providers of shipping are not able to put up these shipments. They can give us better service if we know all of the intricacies of this refrigerated transportation.

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Now You May Have a Question: What Is It?

As we see it in technical terms, the refrigerated LTL is the method of refrigerated shipping or the controller of the temperature freight, which does need the space of an entire tailor of truck(full truckload).

The freight of the refrigerated trailer is maintained at a particular temperature to prevent the product from becoming damaged or deteriorating; for example, fish that is frozen can move under the temperature range of 0 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, while on the other hand, chilled beverages move under the temperature range of 36 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What Makes Refrigerated Transportation Different from Other Modes of Transportation?

Compared to regular dry LTL, the refrigerated LTL is a little different from other types of transportation as the refrigerator carrier does not operate at the same pickup time. To put things into interpretation, the LTL carriers can pick up every day from Monday to Friday.

While on the other hand, the refrigerator LTL carriers have a set day to pick up depending on the region they are traveling to. For example, if the refrigerator LTL carrier picks up in Los Angeles on Thursday and Friday, this shipper can only ship anything from Monday through Wednesday.

The same rule is followed by the refrigerated LTL carrier’s schedules of delivery, which run on the weekly parameters. If some freight is delivered to Boston on Tuesday, the freight is picked up from the week before.

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But Why Is It Complex to Arrange It All?

The refrigerated LTL carrier is difficult to arrange because it has a specific schedule. Apart from managing the shipments within the time offered by the carrier, the refrigerated LTL is more difficult/complex because of the dragged freight.

While in transit, maintaining the proper and suitable temperature makes the work more complex. The perishable products need to be delivered at the right time, which puts pressure on the truck driver and makes it complex to arrange.

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Refrigerated LTL Shipment Is Expensive or Not?

Because of the required equipment and the commodities nature, refrigerator LTL is more expensive than that dry LTL. Carriers must also consider the shipment perishability and the cost added from maintaining the trailer temperature while fingering their prices.

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How to Choose a Refrigerated LTL Company?

How to Choose a Refrigerated LTL Company

Below there is a list of the point which need to take into consideration.

  1. Firstly, Understand the Need for Refrigeration.
  2. Start Finding a Company That Has Good Experience and Capabilities in Refrigerated Trucking.
  3. Ask the Company Which Types of Services They Provide
  4. Ask the Company About Their Regulatory Processes
  5. Must Inquire About Their Process of Loading and Unloading.
  6. Packaging Process of the Company
  7. Take the Cost Estimate from the Company

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#1. Firstly Understand the Need for Refrigeration

Which type of product do you need to maintain in the trailer, whether it is a frozen product or a chilled product? Whether you have a mixture of different types of goods with different needs. Or you want a different compartment for different products and timelines.

#2. Start Finding a Company That Has Good Experience and Capabilities in Refrigerated Trucking

The company you selected inquired about its temperature control, time timelines, scheduling, and cost-effective process and selected the company with good experience in refrigerated trucking.

#3. Ask the Company Which Types of Services They Provide

Ask them whether they allow customers to change the trailer’s temperature remotely. This service is significant as it will allow you to manage the trailer’s temperature anywhere to prevent your product from getting damaged.

#4. Ask the Company About ITS Regulatory Processes

Ask them whether they know or can transport unsafe materials like pharmaceuticals and medicines. Whether the company meets the FDA regulations and the HACCP accreditation for handling the food.

#5. Must Inquire About Their Process of Loading and Unloading

Ask them how they will take care of our product when it is out of the truck. And also, ask them if they have good manpower while unloading the truck.

#6. Packaging Process of the Company

Even if they provide the service of packing your product, you need to know the packaging process. Also, inquire about their packaging quality and the equipment and material used in the packaging.

#7. Take the Cost Estimate from the Company

Most companies charge on which material you are transporting, timeline, shipment frequency, and the shipment per volume(when the volume is higher, the less cost will be taken).

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Top Companies of Refrigerated Carriers

Rank Company name Revenue
1 Prime Inc 2,006,924
2 KLLM Transport Services 940,000
3 C.R. England 898,862
4 Swift Refrigerated 753,000
5 Stevens Transport 740,467
6 Hirschbach Motor Lines 442,672
7 Marten Transport 380,000
8 John Christner Trucking 340,000
9 TransAm Trucking 296,567
10 Black Horse Carriers 281,000
11 FFE Transportation Services 278,000
12 Shaffer Trucking 264,000
13 Navajo Express 245,000
14 Bay & Bay Transportation 150,676
15 Frialsa Logistica 139,537
16 NFI 125,000
17 Pride Transport 123,000
18 WEL Cos. 121,000
19 J&R Schugel Trucking 119,537
20 Day & Ross 117,500
21 National Carriers 108,667
22 Decker Truck Line 105,000
23 Covenant Logistics Group 98,500
24 Freymiller Inc 98,000
25 Roadrunner Temperature Controlled 96,000
26 Schuster Co. 84,000
27 Raider Express 81,000
28 Wilson Logistics 76,000
29 Continental Express 70,000
30 Great Plains Transport 66,000
31 Roehl Refrigerated Transport 60,000
32 Canada Cartage System 55,000
33 Denney Transport 46,000
34 CRST The Transportation Solution 39,000
35 Transportes Garza Leal 35,300
36 Cowan Systems 33,500
37 Halvor Lines 27,006
38 May Trucking 26,000

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What Is the Value of the Containerized Cargo?

The lost Cargo or damaged cargo value in the market is between a few thousand dollars to a million dollars per delivery. The dry container is 40 feet long, and the cargo value inside these containers is between a few thousand dollars.

But in the refrigerated container, which is 40 feet long, the cargo value inside the refrigerated container can be as high as 500,000 dollars.

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Different Modes of the Container Transportation

The main and big advantage of the containers is that they can change or switch from one mode of transportation to another.

For example:

  • Ocean Transportation
  • Railway Transportation
  • Road Transportation.

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Refrigerated Carriers, Which Are Intermodal

The intermodal container is also called the shipping container or a loaded container. It is a large and standardized shipping container designed and built for the intermodal transportation of load/freight.

The meaning is that these types of containers can be used across various modes of transportation, from the railway to ship or on roadways by truck. The advantage of intermodal containers is that there is no need to unload and load the Cargo inside the container, which also saves time.

These intermodal containers are generally used to transport products or materials worldwide. The intermodal; containers are available in many different types and several standard sizes, but 80% to 90% of the global containers are “Dry load” or “General purpose” containers.

These containers are in a closed rectangular shape made up of rust-retardant almost 8 feet wide, and the length is either 20 or 40 feet. But the standard height worldwide is 8 feet 6 inches and 9 feet 6 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LTL Refrigerated Shipping

Refrigerated & Frozen LTL Shipping Services Across the Western Half of the We offer frozen, refrigerated, and dry storage at four warehouse locations in California, Oregon, Washington, and BC.

Reefer Ship Companies

According to the report, the global refrigerated sea transportation market is highly consolidated and is dominated by these vendors: CMA CGM, Maersk Line, MSC, NYK Line, and Seatrade Reefer Chartering.

Refrigerated Freight Shipping

Refrigerated (reefer) freight shipping is temperature-controlled shipping for perishable foods and specific types of liquids. Get refrigerated freight shipping rates and services from a nationwide network.

Refrigerated Shipping Services

Refrigerated shipping services are critical for any company that is moving frozen, perishable, or sensitive products to the market. Find out how we can help.

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