Top 10 Mechanical Companies in India 2021

Top 10 Mechanical Companies in India

Which Is the Best Company for Mechanical Engineers in India?

Apart from this, the job scope for this particular field of engineering is also very high, and this is the reason why students from various colleges and institutes want to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Before graduation, it is important for you to have knowledge and information about various mechanical companies in India.

Mechanical engineers graduating with degrees will be able to apply for jobs in these companies and forge a professional career. Many companies claim to be the bests in their field. Thises article will provide an insight into these companies, their history, and their characteristics so that students & professionals can make an informed decision about their careers.

This offshoot of engineering needs the understanding of core concepts in almost everything, including mechanics, structural analysis, thermodynamics, kinematics, materials science, and electricity. Mechanical engineers design others machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators.

Here we are bringing you lists of the Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Companies in India. We also have a list of top mechanical engineering companies in India.

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Mechanical Engineering in India of Job Opportunities:

Mechanical engineers design Electrical generators, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, and machines using electricity, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Mechanical engineering skills and knowledge will be one of the biggest driving forces behind product development, innovation, intellectual property, and quality of manufacturing in India, so there is a lot of employment scope in the manufacturing sector for a mechanical company in India.

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Top 10 Mechanical Companies in India As Per Market Cap

Rank Top Mechanical Engineering Companies in India Market Cap(Rs. cr) Market Cap In %
1 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 188,561 Cr. 36.25%
2 Tata Steel 119,942 Cr. 23.06%
3 Godrej Group 72,499 Cr. 13.94%
4 Siemens Ltd. 67,160 Cr. 12.91%
5 Bosch Ltd. 39,862 Cr. 7.66%
6 Thermax 18,229 Cr. 3.50%
7 Rail Vikas Nigam Limited 5,744 Cr. 1.10%
8 Suzlon Energy Ltd. 4,381 Cr. 0.84%
9 Kirloskar 2,021 Cr. 0.39%
10 GE Power India Limited 1,737 Cr. 0.33%

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Top 10 Mechanical Companies In India Revenue Comparison 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Sr.No. Top Mechanical Companies in India Revenue in 2020 Revenue in 2019 Revenue in 2018 Revenue in 2017
1 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 82,383 Cr. 82,287 Cr. 74,462 Cr. 65,723 Cr.
2 Tata Steel 139,816 Cr. 157,668 Cr. 132,155 Cr. 112,299 Cr.
3 Godrej Group 9,910 Cr. 10,314 Cr. 9,843 Cr. 9,267 Cr.
4 Siemens Ltd. 9,946 Cr. 13,767 Cr. 12,795 Cr. 11,064 Cr.
5 Bosch Ltd. 9,841 Cr. 12,085 Cr. 11,690 Cr. 10,435 Cr.
6 Thermax 5,731 Cr. 5,973 Cr. 4,464 Cr. 4,483 Cr.
7 Rail Vikas Nigam Limited 14,530 Cr. 10,068 Cr. 7,597 Cr. 5,919 Cr.
8 Suzlon Energy Ltd. 2,972 Cr. 5,024 Cr. 8,116 Cr. 12,714 Cr.
9 Kirloskar 3,135 Cr. 3,348 Cr. 2,741 Cr. 2,526 Cr.
10 GE Power India Limited 2,445 Cr. 1,902 Cr. 1,337 Cr. 1,993 Cr.

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Top 10 Mechanical Engineering Companies Website as Below:

Sr.No. Mechanical Companies In India Website list
1 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
2 Tata Steel
3 Siemens Ltd.
4 Bosch Ltd.
5 Godrej Group
6 Thermax
7 Rail Vikas Nigam Limited
8 Suzlon Energy Ltd.
9 Kirloskar
10 GE Power India Limited

List of Mechanical Companies in India

  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
  • Tata Steel
  • Godrej Group
  • Siemens Ltd.
  • Bosch Ltd.
  • Thermax
  • Rail Vikas Nigam Limited
  • Suzlon Energy Ltd.
  • Kirloskar
  • GE Power India Limited

Best Companies for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Best Companies for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Here are the lists of top mechanical companies in India that provide employment opportunities to the people:

1. Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Larsen & Toubro is an Indian multinationals company engaged in EPC projects, high-tech manufacturing, and services. Operate in more than 30 countries worldwide. A strong, customer-centric approach and relentless pursuit of top-class quality have enabled L&T to achieve and maintain leadership in its key lines of business for more than eight decades.

We are engaged in core, high-impact sectors of the economy, and our integrated capabilities span the entire spectrum of design to delivery. Every aspect of L&T’s businesses is characterized by high standards of professionalism and corporate governance.

Sustainability for growth is embedded in our long-term strategy. The company’s manufacturing footprint is spread across eight countries besides India. L&T has several international offices & a supply chain that spans the globe.

  • Revenue: Rs. 35,596 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 2,849 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 188,561 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400 001

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2. Tata Steel

Tata companies have consistently adhered to values ​​& ideals expressed by the founder for 150 years. The Tata Code of Conduct has first formalized Mr. Ratan Tata. It articulates the values ​​and ideals of the group that conducts and guide our companies as well as our partners in all matters related to business. Today, the code is the foundation on which we base our personal commitments as well as leadership commitments on key Tata values.

Tata Steel Group is among the top globals steel companies with an annual crude steel capacity of 33 million tonnes per annum (MnTPA). one of the world’s most geographically diverse steel producers with a worldwide operational and commercial presence.

An excellent location for Tata Steel, a work-certified ™ organization with its subsidiaries, affiliates, and joints ventures, is spreading across five continents with an employee base of over 65,000.

Tata Steel successfully completed the acquisition of Bhushan Steel Limited (now renamed as Tata Steel BSL), the first to acquires a major stressed asset under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code process. The acquisition (with a capacity – 5.6 MnTPA) has significantly expanded Tata Steel’s footprint in India.

  • Revenue: Rs. 39,594 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 3,922 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 119,942 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra Pincode: 400001

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3. Godrej Group

Established in 1897, the Godrej group its root in India’s independence & the Swadeshi movement. Our founder, Ardeshir Godrej, lawyer-serial-entrepreneur, failed with some business before he struck gold with a locksmith business. Today, we enjoy the protection of 1.1 billion consumers globally in consumer goods, real estate, appliances, agriculture, and many other businesses.

In fact, our geographical footprint extends beyond the Earth, with our engines now powering many of India’s space missions. With revenues of over US $ 4.1 billion, we are growing rapidly & has exciting, ambitious aspiration.

But for us, most important that apart from our strong financial performance and innovative, much-liked products, we remain a good company.

The promoters hold about a 23 percent stake in the Godrej Group in trusts, which invest in the environment, health, and education. We are changing our passion and purpose through our Good and Green strategy of ‘Shared Value’ to create a more inclusive & greener India.

  • Revenue: Rs. 432 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs.19 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 72,499 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai- 400079, India

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4. Siemens Ltd.

With a focus on electrification, automation, & digitization, Siemens India stands for engineering excellence, innovation, and reliability. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leader in infrastructure & energy solutions, as well as automation & software for the industry.

It is one of the top mechanical companies in India. Companies are also leaders in medical imaging types of equipment, laboratory diagnostics, and clinical IT. Siemens also offers business-to-business financial solutions, rail automation, and wind energy solutions.

  • Revenue: Rs. 2,925 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 295 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 67,160 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Worli, Mumbai – 400030, India

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5. Bosch Ltd.

Bosch Home Appliance is dedicated to providing intelligent, reliable, and attractive solutions to make everyday life a little easier. This underscores Bosch’s ambition to create technology that always serves a purpose: our products are made whenever people need them, and harmonize with the home environment when they always Are not helpful, are never unpleasant.

Bosch Future Connected Conclave will showcase our leading innovations such as Connected Mobility and Services, Digital Agriculture, and Personalization in the IoT, among others.

Hence it is considered one of the top 10 mechanical engineering companies in India. It will also showcase the strength of our accelerator program by giving you a glimpse into the startups we have started.

  • Revenue: Rs. 3,029 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 184 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 39,862 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Adugodi, Bengaluru – 560 030, India

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6. Thermax

Since 1980, Thermax’s Air Pollution Control (APC) business has been a focal point for enterprises related to the control of particulate & gaseous emissions. Extensive engagement with diverse sectors and alliances with technology majors have empowered the group to provide unmatched solutions to its customers.

The group offers multifaceted benefits to process-driven industries such as cement, steel, aluminum, copper, etc., enabling them to fix products at various stages of plant processes and also adhere to prescribed emission norms.

  • Revenue: Rs. 1410 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 83 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 18,229 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Wakadewadi, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411003

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7. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited

This was the vision of the then Honorable Prime Minister, Bharat Ratna Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, on the basis of which RVNL was inducted as PSU on 24.01.2003. The idea of ​​the then Hon’ble Prime Minister was to reduce the infrastructure deficit on the Indian Railways and, accordingly, in his address to the Red Fort announced on 15.08.2002 about the National Rail Vikas Yojana.

NRVY was formally launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 26.12.2002, and to implement NRVY, RVNL has to implement the projects related to the creation and enhancement of railway capacity in accordance with the then Companies Act 1956 with dual objectives.

Infrastructure on a fast-track basis for SPV projects and increasing extra-budgetary resources. The company began its operations in 2005 with the appointment of a board of directors. The company was granted Miniratna status in September 2013.

RVNL has been given “Excellent” status by the Department of Public Enterprises for nine consecutive years. RVNL has been ranked first in Railway PSE 4 to 4 times in the last five years.

The business of the company has grown by 44.44% for the FY 2019-20. The authorized share capital of the company was Rs. 3000 crores. With a paid-up share capital of Rs. 2085 crores. The company is listed after divesting a 12.16% stake in the company through an IPO.

  • Revenue: Rs. 3,732 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 267 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 5,744 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Bhikaji Cama Place, R. K. Puram, New Delhi-110066

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8. Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Suzlon is India’s leading renewable energy solution provider offering 360-degree total solution packages to its customers, covering the entire spectrum of wind energy projects. For over two decades, our turnkey solutions and lifelong support combined with the best-in-class products have created value for our customers worldwide.

He is considered a pioneer of wind energy in India, the leading renewable energy company in the world, and is present in 19 countries across six continents. They are empowering companies, industries, & greener tomorrows.

  • Revenue: Rs. 731 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 669 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 4,381 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009, India.

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9. Kirloskar

Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Limited (KEPL), established in 1988, is a leading organization in the Rotating equipment market. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is at Kirloskarvadi wherein we design and manufacture highly reliable products as per customer requirements.

This enables us to meet global demand for engineered, safe and innovative solutions. In order to offer superior pre and post-sales support, KEPL has dedicated customer support to serve esteemed customers.

Registrations are to be completed in advance by submitting a duly signed registration form along with a payment of INR 20,000/= + Service Tax per training schedule per person in Favour of This fee includes training charges, food, and stay for three nights in Kirloskarvadi in a company guest house or in a hotel located nearby with decent lodging arrangement, one-time travel cost from Pune to Kirloskarvadi and Kirloskarvadi to Pune).

On receipts of the registration form along with the payments, enrollment will be done, and confirmation will be sent to the participant for the chosen schedule, subject to availability. Due to limited batch size, enrollment will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

It is an ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, and OHSAS 18001: 2007 accredited company and has also developed an Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) policy. Along with KBL’s business acumen, KEPL also carries the legacy of KBL to reduce energy consumption through various initiatives.

  • Revenue: Rs. 760 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 69 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 2,021 Cr.
  • Headquarter: Senapati Bapat Road, Pune: 411 016, Maharashtra,

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10. GE Power India Limited

GE Power India Limited has a strong capability in the supply of products and solutions for engineering, manufacturing, project management, and infrastructure. Its operations include an overall range of activities. Engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction, and servicing, etc.

It has engineering centers in Noida and Kolkata and a manufacturing unit dedicated to the boiler in Durgapur. GE Power India Limited is a publicly ownes company incorporates on 2 September 1992 as Asea Brown Boveris Management Limited under the provisions of the Indian Companies Act.

The equity share of the company is listed on BSE Limited & the National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

  • Revenue: Rs. 1093 Cr.
  • Net Profit: Rs. 35 Cr.
  • Market Cap (Rs Cr.) Rs. 1,737 Cr.
  • Headquarters: Nanakramguda, Serilingampally, Hyderabad – 500032,

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Top 10 Mechanical Companies in India

Mechanical Engineering Companies

  • Tata Industries.
  • Kirloskar Group.
  • Mahindra & Mahindra.
  • The Godrej Group.
  • Cummis India.
  • Larsen & Toubro Group.
  • Ashok Leyland.
  • General Motors.

List of Mechanical Companies in India

  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
  • Tata Steel.
  • Godrej Group.
  • Siemens Ltd.
  • Bosch Ltd.
  • Thermax.
  • Rail Vikas Nigam Limited.
  • Suzlon Energy Ltd.

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