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Dog Clutch Working

What Is Dog Clutch?

Dog Clutch

Dog clutch is the type of clutch that uses the pair to intervene with other revolving components such as two rotating shafts or gears. It is commonly used in continuous mesh gearboxes. It serves to set Protrusions on one half of a regularly stretched tooth or one half of the clutch mechanism to one set of similar symmetries on the other.

This clutch is connected not to friction but to disruption. It is allowed to turn both shafts at the same speed without slipping and with minimal clutch wear.

Dog clutch cannot be used to control the toggle, as is the case with friction clutch. The two parts of the clutches are designed in such a way that one will push the other, and both will rotate at the same speed and never slide.

This type of clutch is made up of two round plates, one operated on a drive shaft or gear and the other shaft.

One of the plates has a series of protrusions evenly spread throughout his palace, similar to a battle on a palace wall. The other plate has a series of similar sizes, as it decreases in size.

When the two plates are brought together, the protrusion fits into the mate or recess, effectively joining the shaft and transferring rotational motion from one to the other.

Dog clutch is used when slip and friction are undesirable, and the clutch is not used to control torque.

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Construction of Dog Clutch:

Construction of Dog Clutch

The Dog Clutchs consist of two sets of inner sets of sleeves. It slides on the main shaft with a small diameter of a spline. Such clutches are typically made of two round plates, one for the driveshaft and one driven from the shaft.

The clutches of these dogs have a protrusion on their faces similar to the battles above the palace wall. The gears in the main shafts, to which these dog clutches are connected, are severed as they decrease in size.

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Working of Dog Clutch:

Dog clutches are mainly used in manual transmission systems to lock various gears to rotate the input and output shafts.

When the dog’s clutch must be coupled to a fixed gear of the main shaft to achieve a fixed gear ratio, the dog’s clutch slips toward the gear in the main shaft to which it needs to be connected. The dog’s clutch has protrusions on its face, and the gear in the main shaft lacks in size.

When the dog clutches reaches the gear, the protrusions of the dog clutch fit into the gear reefs and therefore create a strong mechanical coupling and transfer the rotational motion from the shaft to the main shaft.

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Advantages of Dog Clutch:

Here, the different Advantages of the dog clutch are as follows:

  • No slip or friction is involved after the engagement of the clutch.
  • Heat generations are very less as no friction occurs.
  • Cost is less than friction clutch of similar torque capacity.

Disadvantages of Dog Clutch:

Here, the different Disadvantages of dog clutch are as follows:

  • Shock is caused during the engagement of clutch at any speed.
  • It cannot be engaged at high speeds.
  • When both the diving and the driven shaft are at rest, some relative motion is required to engage.

Applications of Dog Clutch:

Here, the different Applications of dog clutch are as follows:

  • Dog clutches are mainly used in stick shift automobile gearboxes, marine propeller drives, and on drives of heavy machinery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bevel Machine Dogs

The bevel machine dogs, the dog is removed from the work arbour, or the dividing head gearing is removed to allow free rotation of the spindle, and the hob has meshed with the gash on the blank. As the hob spins, the worm-gear moves with it.

What Is Dog Clutch?

A dog clutch is the type of clutch that uses interference to connect two rotating shafts or other rotating components such as gears. This is commonly used in continuous mesh gearboxes. It functions by connecting a set of regularly spaced teeth or protrusions on one half of the clutch mechanism to a set of similar recesses on the other.

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