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What is forming?

Fabrication is a mechanical process used in manufacturing industries in which materials (mostly metals) undergo plastic deformation and obtain the shapes and sizes required by the application of appropriate stresses, such as compression, shear, and tension.

In the process of making, no material is removed; It is completely displaced and deformed to the required shape. Some of the processes commonly used in the manufacturing industry are:

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Types of Forming

In the last few years, there has been a considerable increase in the adoption of automated machine tools, with increasing investment in the industrial manufacturing sector.

Not only will productivity increase, but automation of manufacturing processes helps professionals to be quite efficient and flexible during emergencies and also helps prioritize overall workflows.

Commonly used materials include

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Forming process in manufacturing

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Metal Forming Processes

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Forming Operations

Type of Forming Operations

The type of Forming Operations is as follows

#1. Rolling:

Makes sheet metal (hot or cold)


#2. Forging:

Makes strong solid parts (hot or cold)

#3. Extrusion:

Makes complex cross-sections from soft metals and plastics (hot)

#4. Wire Drawing:

Makes strong small dia. Wire (hot or cold)

#5. Roll Forming (Hot):

Moves bulk metal, makes I-beams

#6. Roll Forming (Cold):

Bends sheet metal into complex cross-sections

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