Best Welding Schools in World

Best Welding Schools in World

Best Welding Schools in World:

Welding is the technique of joining metal materials with or without filler, by means of heat, with or without the application of pressure. The first forms of welding technology were discovered around AD 1000, but most of the modern techniques available today began to be used in the 1900s, especially during the two world wars.

Welding, as a technical or engineering course, is a subject that focuses more on skill training for its students. Schools usually emphasize the practical aspects of welding techniques, while in some cases, providing space for the training of principles. Unlike academically-focused institutions, welding schools are assessed through exclusive membership to international welding certification institutions.

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Top Welding Schools in World:

#1. Northern College

#1. Northern College

Northern Colleges is a top school for weldings in the world that formally established itself in Ontario in 1967, following the passage of Bill 153 in 1965, creating publicly funded colleges of applied arts and technology in Canada.

Colleges currently have four locations within Ontario, with one specializing in welding education and training at the Kirkland Lakes campus. Northern College School of Welding Engineering Technology offers diploma programs accredited by national and international welding authorities.

Certificates from the School of Welding Engineering Technology already prepare graduates for assured careers in Canadian and international partner organizations. Graduates can also further their education as department certificates are accepted at some institutions as a stepping stone to university degrees.

Apart from training its students in business skills, the School of Welding Engineering Technology of Northern College also has an applied research center to further the discipline.

Joining their Materials Innovation Center introduces students to cutting-edge tools and projects derived from the real world. This makes Northern College one of the best welding schools worldwide.

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#2. Institut de Soudure

Institut de Soudure

The history of the Institut de Saudure dates back to the establishment of the Central Acetylene Office in France in 1905. Decades later, ESSA – High School of Autogenous Welding started in 1930, and EPS – Professional Welding School in 1946.

In 2003, the two institutes for research and training were combined, inaugurating the Institut de Saudure in de Yutz, France. The Institut de Sauder’s unique setup is today characterized by a group consisting of two schools specializing in welding techniques: the ESSA Higher School of Welding & Welding Applications & the EAPS School of Professional Weldings Training.

Prospective the student can choose between the two schools based on their career goals. Institut de Soudure is one of the best welding schools worldwide, which strives to be a leader in the field of welding through full support to its research center and focus on techniques of metals joining & testings.

Although schools do not issue academic degrees, it offers a wide range of diplomas and certificates that are internationally accepted and recognized for the quality of their holders.

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  • Phone: {331}-235-3211

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#3. Nederlands Institut Voor Lastechniek

Nederlands Institut Voor Lastechniek

Netherlands Institute for Weldings Technology is a private foundation started in 1935 in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, specializing in education and technological innovations regarding the welding sector. NIL offers a world-class welding program and plays an active role in improving welding education in the Netherlands through training courses and continuous updating of international welding standards.

Apart from training competent welding technology graduates, the Netherlands Institute for Welding Technology also offers certifications to various international companies as a testament to the credibility of the institute.

Consultations are also available for such companies as tailor-made training for its students. Netherlands Institute for Weldings Technology’s commitment to its students doesn’t stop at graduation.

The professional knowledge of the graduates is constantly updated through regular meetings & workshops as part of the privilege of the certificates awarded to them. This assures continuous growth for the students beyond graduation, making NIL one of the best institutions in the world for teaching welding.

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  • Phone: (088) 0187011

#4. Welding Institute

Welding Institute

The Welding Institutes are another excellent weldings school in the world, started in 1923, named the Institution of Welding Engineers, and has grown in scope and organization over the years. The British Welding Research Association broke away from the Welding Institute in 1946 to remove the research and development part of the professional activities of the institute.

After a few decades and several innovations from both sides, BWRA and the Welding Institute merged, leading to the establishment of the Weldings Institute in 1968. Like most welding education institutions, Weldings Institute does not confer degrees for its graduates who have completed their courses.

Memberships are available with varying levels of access to education and certifications, depending on the applicant’s preferences and qualifications. Apart from providing welding training to its students, The Welding Institute also partners with respective engineering councils to provide its students who are keen to further improve their skills on top of basic professional pieces of training.

Key industry sectors are provided with experts & are used by the institute to influence its curriculum and examinations, ensuring a constant demand for its graduates.

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  • Phone: +44 (0)1223 899000

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#5. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology was started in 1930 as one of the departments of the Hobart Brothers Company. The school became the Hobart Trade School in 1940 upon receipt of a charter from the state of Ohio. After several decades and expansion, the school changed its name to the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology in 1991.

Renovations began at the Hobart Institute in 2005 and, since then, have continued to update learning at the institute with advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities. The institute maintains its leading position in the industry through its world-class curriculum and expert instructors with years of experience in welding & teaching welding.

Admission to the Hobart Institute means complete control over the courses as individual courses are available on the list in addition to the predetermined programs. The institute also provides its students with a resource center to ensure full access to learning materials that will prepare the trainees for the certifications they seek.

The institute extends its support to its students beyond graduations as it liaises with various national & international companies to ensure careers placements for its graduates.

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#6. Australian Institute of Science & Technology

Australian Institute of Science & Technology

Weld Australia traces its history from the beginning of the Australian Welding Institute in 1929 and the Australian Welding Research Association in 1964. Decades later, the two institutions merged, creating the Institute of Welding Technology of Australia, later renamed Weld Australia.

Weld Australia offers a progressive welding course around the world and has contributed greatly to the country since its offering and continues to provide a positive impact to Australian industries and the economy. Just like other welding schools, Weld Australia uses membership registration from Australian and international applicants to give them access to world-class welding training.

Weld Australia promotes advanced training technologies with a focus on inclusivity, student safety, and mental fitness. The ideal teaching methods and learning environment make Weld Australia one of the best schools to obtain Welding Training Certificate. The certifications from Weld Australia are recognized worldwide, and its set standards serve as a benchmark for companies in Australia & other international partner organizations.

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  • Phone: (+61) 2 8021 3335

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#7. Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University

The Middle East University of Technology began in 1956 as the Middle East Institute of Higher Technology to contribute to the development of Turkey & Middle Eastern countries. METU is a recognized weldings school in the world that aims to train and create skilled workforces knowledgeable in the natural & social sciences.

METU does not confer a degree in welding technology but does offer an internationally recognized certificate for training at the university under the METU Welding Technology and Non-Destructive Testing Research/Application Center. WTNDT certifications are on par with certifications from leading welding training authorities around the world.

Weldings Technology Center is well established and adequately equipped to provide laboratory support for undergraduate and graduate courses in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments. The center currently houses a growing number of MSc and Ph.D. The thesis and dissertation focus on the welding technology.

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  • Phone: (+90) (312) 210 2000

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Welding Schools in World

Best Welding Schools in World

  • Northern College.
  • Institut de Soudure.
  • Nederlands Institut Voor Lastechniek.
  • Welding Institute.
  • Hobart Institute of Welding Technology.
  • Australian Institute of Science & Technology.
  • Middle East Technical University.

Best Underwater Welding Schools in the World

  • Diver’s Institute of Technology.
  • National University Polytechnic Institute.
  • The Ocean Corporation.
  • South Louisiana Community College.
  • Commercial Diving Tech Institute.
  • CDA Technical Institute.
  • International Diving Institute.
  • Divers Academy International.

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